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New Premium Ear Plugs By Surf|Ears For Maximum Protection In The Water. January 25 2015

We decided to leave ear infections and medical conditions like surfer’s ear behind.
SurfEars® protects your ears from water, cold air, dirt & bacteria while maximizing hearing and balance.

SurfEars® let’s so much sound through it’s easy to forget you’re wearing ear protection.


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Kinetik Racing Fin Sale November 06 2014

For a limited time get your favorite Kinetik Racing fin model on sale!  Free shipping and free Bubble Gum Surf Wax with your order.  This sale won't last, were clearing out in order to make room for the new styles coming in soon. 



Mick Fanning Wins in Portugal, get his signature gear here! October 25 2014

After two low scoring semis, it was clear that the Final would to be a different kind of party. Mick Fanning scored first, logging a quick tube for a 5.67 to start.

His next wave topped that: Jordy Smith backed off of a left under priority and allowed the wave, Fanning pulled in high and tight for a technical ride capped with wrapping turns for a 9.00. Smith was quickly combo'd, but answered back with an impressive tube of his own, whacking the lip on the exit for a final flourish. He scored a 7.67, and returned to the patience game. As a lull set in, they sat and waited. Finally in the last three minutes Fanning improved his score, with a 6.50, to secure the event win for the first time in Peniche since 2009. "I am just so stoked. I didn't really think about a win to tell you the truth, it just happened. Jordy surfed amazing, John John surfed amazing, Kai too. Everyone has been ripping this whole Euro leg and I’m just stoked I got to get a result out of it," said Fanning. "It feels so good to get a win, it’s been five years since I won here, so I am very stoked. Going into Hawaii with a title on the line is so stressful, but I guess I will just deal with that when I get there. For now I’ll just enjoy the win here."

The Billabong Pipeline Masters 2014 will crown the ASP World Tour champion between December 8th-20th, on the Oahu's North Shore. Only three surfers remain in contention: Gabriel Medina, Kelly Slater and Mick Fanning.

Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal 2014 | Final

Mick Fanning (AUS), 15.50 def. Jordy Smith (ZAF), 7.67


John John wins in France! Get his fins here!! October 07 2014

“It’s the best feeling in the world, I’m just so stoked right now!” John John proclaimed to the stadium as everyone else furiously started number crunching. Because John John’s multiple 9’s and Jadson Andre’s first final in two years aside, no one can stop talking about the World Title Race. When Josh Kerr took out Gabriel Medina in the second quarterfinal match up, everyone knew Kelly was watching. When the six foot Saffa took out the 42-year-old Floridian in the last quarterfinal, everyone knew that Medina was watching.



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Quiky Pro France - Its On! September 27 2014

With the addition of two wildcards to the competition, Hossegor's cold-water barrel battle is heating up. The 2014 Quiksilver Pro France will see two highly distinctive surfers paddle out with the world's best: New-school rebel and No. 135 on the Qualification Series (QS), Dane Reynolds (USA), and rising star Matt Banting (AUS), who is currently No. 1 in the QS standings.


Watch it Live at www.aspworldtour.com/

The Vans US Open of Surfing . . . . It's that time of year again! July 15 2014

Huntington Beach, CA (July 1, 2014) – As anticipation intensifies for the 2014 Vans US Open of Surfing, Vans, the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP), and event owner and producer, IMG, announce this year’s impressive surfing line-up. Featuring the world’s best names in surfing, this year’s talent includes 2013 men’s and women’s champions Alejo Muniz and Carissa Moore, Kelly Slater, Julian Wilson, Pat Gudauskas, Sally Fitzgibbons and Brazilian Jr. Yago Dora.

The Vans US Open is a pivotal point on the Men’s ASP Qualification Series and Women’s World Championship Tour (WCT). For the men, a win at the Vans US Open – ASP Men’s Prime event – will earn them valuable points toward a coveted Top 10 QS ranking. And for the women, with a close race for the ASP World Title, the Vans US Open of Surfing marks a key midseason stop on the Women’s WCT. Alongside the ASP QS and WCT competition, Vans will host the ASP Pro Juniors for men’s and women’s, prepping the field for a spot in the coveted ASP World Junior Championships. In addition, the invite-only Vans Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational, presented by Pacifico, returns to Huntington Beach with new invitees including 2012 & 2013 ASP Women’s Longboard Champ Kelia Moniz, Troy Mothershead, and Devon Howard plus 13 more talented longboarders who embody the expressive style and creativity of longboarding. Reinforced by contest director Joel Tudor’s legacy of eight US Open Longboarding Championships, the Duct Tape contests remain an influential platform honoring Huntington Beach’s competitive surfing community.

The 2014 Vans US Open of Surfing, owned and operated by IMG, will run from July 26 to August 3. All events are free and open to the public and can be viewed daily on the live webcast atwww.vansusopenofsurfing.com. The surfing event will also be syndicated internationally by IMG Media, bringing all the live action to more than 110 countries around the globe.

Check out this article about Sonny Miller from Jamie Brisick . . . . took the words right out of my mouth July 09 2014

It was a hacksaw laugh that dissolved all problems and summoned you right into the task at hand, which more often than not involved something wild, adventurous, and maybe a little absurd.    

Sonny Miller -- photographer, filmmaker, possessor of giant joie de vivre -- died of a heart attack yesterday. He was 53 years old. As I write, his Facebook page swells with tributes and remembrances and bursting love, something Sonny had in spades.    

His nickname was Cap’n Fun. When he was hitting his straps, which was often, he’d break from whatever hysterical rant, eye you with that rosy-faced glint, and in a playful boast, say, “It’s Miller time!” 
Sonny did water photography on Hollywood films, worked as a hired gun on countless surf films and videos, but he is best known for The Search series in the nineties, which he shot and directed. Traveling to far-flung locales with Tom Curren, Frankie Oberholzer, and friends suited his temperament. He loved the unknown, loved to wing it, was at his best with a map spread across the steering wheel of a four-wheel drive vehicle on some washboard dirt road a hundred miles from the nearest town.

Hanging out with Sonny was loads of fun. His raw, no-bullshit, squeeze-every-last-drop approach was infectious. In the early nineties he showed up to the Marui Pro in Hebara Beach, Japan with a suitcase full of hideous polyester outfits from the disco seventies -- canary yellow bell bottoms, vomit green shirts with giant collars, white patent-leather loafers, glitter ball necklaces, purple porkpie hats. 

He summoned a band of merry pros over to his hotel, outfitted us, and led us on a wild romp through Tokyo’s Roppongi district. Whiskey was slugged from the bottle on the long train ride for which we’d bought no tickets. Ghetto blasters were hijacked. Dance moves, choreographed by Cap’n Fun and partner-in-crime Brad “The Gerr” Gerlach, were mastered (“Push, push, in the bush”). Fire extinguishers were plucked from their hangers and blasted across cars. Turnstyles were hopped. Cops were outrun. Hoity-toity nightclubs were snuck into. Dance floors were dominated. And belly laughs of the sort that may cure terminal diseases were had by all.

Sonny leaves us with a heap of great movies and images, but as someone who traveled with him a whole bunch, it’s his great sense of joy that I’ll remember most. There was no such thing as a bad time with Cap’n Fun. 

Which is not to take away from Sonny’s robust work ethic. Yes, he was the last man standing at the bar or nightclub, but he was also the first guy up in the morning, pounding coffee, checking wave cams, loading vehicles with his extensive camera gear, and pushing, always pushing, to get the proverbial shot. At the 2006 Fiji Pro I found him shooting from the exposed reef at Cloudbreak long after all the other photographers had bailed. The tide was rising, and soon the spot where he was standing would be buried in Pacific Ocean. But the waves were good, and the light was golden, and Occy’s hacks were tossing spray all the way to Namotu. 

“Do you want me to get one of the boatmen to pick you up?” I asked him as I was leaving to catch a ride back to Tavarua. 

“No,” he said and nodded at his waterproof Pelican case. “When the water gets too high I’ll just pack everything in there and swim out to the lineup. I’ll find my way back to camp, no worries.”            
Born in 1950 in San Jose, California, Sonny learned to surf at age 11 in North County San Diego, which would serve as home base between his frequent trips abroad. He began his career shooting still photos for Surfer and Breakout in the mid-eighties, and started making movies shortly thereafter. These were the early video days, but Sonny was a strong believer in film, shooting mostly 16mm. 

“This thing about ‘filmmaker’,” he once told me, “It’s totally misleading. They’re calling video guys ‘filmmakers’, guys who’ve never once shot film.” 

In 1997 Sonny won the Surfer Magazine Video of the Year Award for Searching for Tom Curren

Sonny leaves us with a heap of great movies and images, but as someone who traveled with him a whole bunch, it’s his great sense of joy that I’ll remember most. There was no such thing as a bad time with Cap’n Fun. Plane delays, flat tires, waveless weeks at remote surf spots --Sonny always saw the bright side, always found the humor. From the very start of these adventures he’d hone in on something funny and turn it into an inside joke that would get batted around and bastardized and repurposed. By the end of the trip he’d have created a kind of secret language, eternally punctuated by his hacksaw laugh. 

I spoke to him less than two weeks ago. He was looking after his dying mom, Suzanne, who’d had dementia for the last seven years, and with whom Sonny was both adoring son and best friend. She passed away on July 2. Sonny posted a loving note on Facebook which prompted a flood of condolence notes from friends. His final post was a self-portrait of a bearded, bright-eyed, smiling face toasting his cup of coffee at the world. His final words: 

I get by with a little help from my friends! Live to Love! Love to Live! Love You Live! Hope to see y'all real soon ! #keepsmiling #relaxolivin #suzanna

New Parko Phase 4 Surfboard Fins available in FCS or Future July 04 2014

The all new JP5.0 in Phase4 construction by Kinetik Racing combines their most popular S-M template with a brand new construction to produce the worlds most elite performance fin. The key development is the re-designed foil making the new Parko, lighter with thinner curve adding considerable speed, twang and agility to an already renowned outline. KR enhanced the new foil using Phase 4 construction. Vertical carbon strands add control from base to tip along the leading edge, this technique allows the back half of the fin to twist for additional acceleration out of turns. KR has also increased the surface area of 3k carbon in the base offering added support and drive.


Available in two sizes - JP5.0 S/M and JP5.0 M/L



Add the KR Trailers and turn your new Parko set into Quads!

Dont Forget Fathers Day! Great Gifts for Dad at Bubble Gum Surf Wax June 07 2014


With Fathers Day fast approaching - shop at Bubble Gum Surf Wax to fins great gifts for Dad!  Check out the full lines from the best brands in surfing: Creatures of Leisure, Da Kine, Ocean and Earth, Komunity Project, Vertra, Headhuner, Watermans, Kinetik Racing and Sun Bum.  Free Shipping and Free Wax with every purchase!

The Fox Surf We Live Tour with Ian Walsh, Bruce Irons, Chippa Wilson and Damien Hobgood May 26 2014

Chippa Wilson • Bruce Irons • Ian Walsh • Damien Hobgood
Come hang out with the Fox Team!
Surf with the team / Autographs / Games / Giveaways
May 30th - Sun Diego - San Diego, Ca
May 31st - Surfride - Solana Beach, Ca
May 31st - Surfride - Oceanside, Ca
June 1st - Jack's - Hermosa Beach, Ca
June 1st - Jack's - Huntington Beach, Ca
June 6th - Esteem - Pismo Beach, Ca
June 6th - Central Coast Surf Shop - San Louis Obispo, Ca
June 7th - Beach House - Santa Barbara, Ca
June 8th - Revolution Surf - Camarillo, Ca
Visit @foxsurf or Foxhead.com/welive for more details

Hurley brings free surf events to kids across the states April 17 2014

Hurley Surf & Enjoy Tour

Hurley has announced a new free national surf tour for kids 18 and under. Aimed at bringing excitement and energy into beach communities this summer.
Expect to see Hurley athletes like Rob Machado, Carissa Moore, Lakey Peterson,and Conner Coffin, the "Surf and Enjoy" Tour will have 27 stops up and down both coasts and Hawaii.
Phil Bannan, Hurley Marketing Manager says "Surf and Enjoy is what Hurley is all about” “Emphasis on fun, growing the sport of surfing, and bringing the joy of surfing to kids around the world. Our goal is to breathe that mantra into communities from coast to coast."
The tour events are all about fun, with no pressure –Newcomers to surfing can get pushed into waves by professional surfers, while those with more experience get a chance to compete.
Surf and Enjoy tour dates are May 4 to August 9, sponsors include FlexFit, Honda, Dragon, Futures, Bubblegum Surf Wax, Waterman's, Rev'd, Obertos, Suja and Peace Tea.
Snacks, goodie bags and prizes supplied by the sponsors will be on hand for all participants.
Participants can also enter to win the Grand Prize Sweepstakes – a trip to the 2014 Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles, held in September. Official rules can be found on hurley.com/surfandenjoy.
To sign up, or for information, visit hurley.com/surfandenjoy.


Surf And Enjoy Schedule:


Kinetik Racing Trailers are Here! April 13 2014

Turn your favorite Thruster Set of fins into your new favorite Quad Set of fins with the Kinetik Racing Trailers.  They come in two sizes, Small-Medium (for surfers 120-165lbs) and Medium Large (for surfers 165-220lbs)


- Phase 4 construction using vertical carbon strands adding control from base to tip.
- Tailored 3k carbon base adding strength to base for drive and stability.
- Reduced internal core matt to create flex through the tip.
- Specifically designed flex pattern compatible with performance thruster front fins.
- 50/50 foil, suiting the widest range of conditions.

This template was used by Parko in Europe and Hawaii during his world title year of 2012 as well as Bali Pro, Fiji and Tahiti in 2013.

What do surfers want for Easter? April 08 2014


What to surfers want for Easter?  Surf stuff of course!!  We put all together in one handy dandy manly tin bucket.  

The Surfers Easter Basket

Wax and Wax Comb

T Shirt

Beach Towel

Air Freshener

Trucker Hat


Surf Wax Candle

$79.95 / Free Shipping Brought to you by Bubble Gum Surf Wax

How do YOU wax a surfboard? March 21 2014

Think about it . . the emphasis on "you" is meant to point out that everyone waxes up differently.  There really is a preferred method that is unique to each surfer.  Of course here at Bubble Gum Surf Wax we would like to think wax is the most important part of your equipment.  How would that brand new board work without it? Put in a nice new set of expensive carbon fiber fins and without good grip - they would mean nothing.


So regardless of everyones individual desired end result, heres a few tips to help anyone get a better wax job for your surfboard.


Base Coat:  Use it!  Most dont think they need it or they don't want to take the time to use Base Coat,  Have you ever seen a board with a bald spot right were your front foot goes?  Using base coat is a simple idea - its a harder wax than the softer tacky temperature specific wax that goes on top of it - its harder to displace and the softer wax sticks to it so is also becomes hard to displace.  In colder climates you can use Tropical Wax or Warm Wax as a Base Coat.  


Application: Slow Down!  You want to know the worst time to start waxing your board? When you get to the beach and all your buddies are running out in the water and you don't have ANY wax on your board.  Also, applying a fresh coat of wax in the sun or when your surfboard is heated up from being in the car - the worst!  Take your time at home to apply your wax.  Start with a thin layer of Base Coat, don't put on too much, just when the beads are starting to form - thats all you need.  Then take your chosen temp for a top coat and apply using either long vertical/horizontal or circular strokes, that part is your choice.  But heres the key to long lasting beads of wax, don't apply too much pressure.  Think about it . . . . how are all those perfect little grippy beads of wax going to build up if you press down too hard with the wax against your board?  All thats going to do is lay down a smeared mess.  Just relax and let the wax build up to your desired texture.


Wax Comb: On your initial waxing you can finish with a comb or not - thats up to what you want from your wax job.  But having a comb with you at all times can save you from being That Guy in the parking lot "got any wax"  who knows what someone will hand you, it could be base coat.  A comb will liven up any old wax job and get you in the water with surprisingly good grip with no wax application.  Just dig the comb in and go diagonally rail to rail and then do the same from the other side crossing up your pattern.


Cleaning your surfboard for more a new wax job:  Seems simple, but sometimes its not.  Even after you scrape off all the old wax, sometimes there is an oily residue left on the deck of your surfboard.  This can be caused by a number of things, no big deal - its common.  But you need to remove it if you want your new wax to stick properly.  Use a wax remover rather than solvent from the hardware store.  Its safer for you and your surfboard.


Wax up!


Summer's Coming Up . . . . Dont Get Burned! March 17 2014

With summer fast approaching, dont get burned!!!  When it comes to surfing and sunscreen its important to get the right one.  If you use must any brand then you may run into a product that isnt water resistant, it also may run into your eyes and sting quite a bit.  The three best brands for surfing and sun protection are Verta, Watermans and Headhunter.  And if your going surfing, and you need sunscreen, then why not get free surf wax with your purchase?  Bubble Gum Surf Wax carries the three best brands and you'll get free wax and free shipping. . . . Dont Get Burned!!!


Camp Shred, March 15 and 16, Cardiff Campgrounds, Ca March 14 2014

Camp Shred brought to you by Surfing Magazine and Surf Ride is the world's largest surf demo. The event returns to San Elijo Campground in Cardiff, Ca. this weekend - March 15-16, 2014. Sunshie and 70-plus degree beach weather is in the forecast as well as waves in the 2-3 ft. range Camp Shred brings together the best surf brands and their loyal consumers for a weekend of surfing and demoing the latest greatest gear while also benefiting California State Parks and Keep A Breast Foundation.



Brands in attendance: Billabong, Boardworks, Body Glove, C2O Coconut Water, Catch Surf, Channel Islands, Chemistry, Clif Bar, Creatures of Leisure, DHD, Everyday, FCS, Firewire, Futures Fins, Haydenshapes, INT Softboards, Isurus, JS Surfboards, Lib Tech, Lost, O'Neill, Otis Eyewear, Panda, Quiksilver, Raen, Rip Curl, Robert August, Rusty, Sector 9, Spy Optic, SR/MFG Surfboards, Subaru, SUPERbrand, Surface Sun Systems, Surf Ride, Surftech, Vampirate and Watermans.


Bubble Gum Surf Wax will be available at the Creatures of Leisure booth and the JS Surfboards Booth


There is also food and beverages from Banzai Bowls, Bull Taco, Cappuccino in the Park, CurioCity Catering, Not So Fast and Longboards Ice Cream, and the Sierra Nevada beer garden with proceeds being donated to Keep A Breast Foundation.

Camp Shred is free and open to the public, it will run from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday.

For more info, visit www.campshred.com. #campshred

Surfboard Travel Bags . . . Your choice made easier! March 09 2014

If you're planning a surf trip by plane or car then plan on protecting your surfboard!

A ding in your favorite board or worse, a crease or broken board will ruin your trip. The best way to avoid these terrible developments is by getting yourself a quality surfboard bag.  Consider the cost of a quality surfboard bag an investment . . . in the end, you'll be saving money.

Surfboard travel bags serve several functions. A good board cover will not only protect your surfboard from the above mentioned it also protects from the harmful effects caused by the sun.

But what to choose?  It can be confusing out there as countless manufactures have jumped into the category.  However, many of the choices out there are sub-standard at best.  Do yourself a favor and stick to the best, the top three manufactures of surfboard travel bags are: DaKine, Creatures of Leisure and Komunity Project.  If you stick to one of these three companies you simply cant'/wont go wrong.  They make every kind of bag your looking for.  They make single, double and triple surfboard travel bags for Short Boards, Retro / Fish Boards and Longboards.  They also make a quad for short-boards that feature wheels for easy transport between planes, cars and hotels.  They all offer reinforced foam padding, resistant outer layer, heat reflective tarpaulin, water resistant materials, and strong zippers and shoulder straps. Picking the proper size of your bag is important as well.  If you normally ride a 6'4" board - then you should choose a bag a few inches bigger in case you end up with a slightly bigger board(s) for your trip or in the future. Besides one of these three companies making the bag your looking for they all offer guarantees and warrantees on your investment.

DaKine 2014 Product Release March 06 2014

DaKine 2014 Surfboard Accessories are here!!  Get the full line of current styles and colors at Bubble Gum Surf Wax and get free shipping and free wax with purchase!

Komunity Project Kelly Slater KS2.1 and KS3.1 Fins Are Here! January 26 2014

Brand new fins designs by Kelly Slater's Komuntiy Project are here.  

Get em here!!  Free Shipping and Bubble Gum Surf Wax Free with Purchase

Hurley Australian Open of Surfing Official Wax January 22 2014

When the best surfers in the world need wax . . . . .

 . . . . . They call Bubble Gum Surf Wax!

Watch the Australian Open of Surfing at Manley Beach, Sydney Australia, Feb 18 - 24, 2014

Parko wins on Kinetik Racing Fins June 29 2013

KERAMAS, Bali/Indonesia (Thursday, June 27, 2013) - Joel Parkinson (AUS), 32, has won the inaugural Oakley Pro Bali over Michel Bourez (PYF), 27, via an impressive come-from-behind effort in four-to-six foot (2 metre) waves at the iconic Balinese righthander of Keramas.

Parko Wins Bali Joel Parkinson Wins ASP

Stop No. 5 of 10 on the ASP World Championship Tour (WCT), the Oakley Pro Bali hosted a historic high-performance showdown including perfect heats and next level progression from the world’s best surfers, culminating with Parkinson’s hard-fought victory over Bourez in the Final.

Check em out - the fins Joel Parkinson rides are at the Bubble Gum Surf Wax on line store.  Free shipping and Free wax with purchase.

Joel Parkinson Kinetik Racing Fins, Parko, KR fins

Joel Parkinson Kinetik Racing Fins, Parko, KR fins

Custom Private Label Surf Wax, Surfboard Wax Private Custom Label

New Dusty Payne and Jack Freestone Signature Fins From Kinetik Racing April 26 2013

 There here!!  The new Kinetik Racing Signature Fins by Jack Freestone and Dusty Payne!  Check em out!!

Dusty Payne Kinetik Racing Surfboard Fins

Jack Freeston Kinetik Racing Surfboard Fins

Special Formula Valentine Surf Wax January 12 2013

Give your sweet heart surfer a special treat for Valentines Day - 

Holiday Gifts for the Surfer in your family November 23 2012

Buying gifts for surfing enthusiasts is made easy at the Bubble Gum On-line Store, we dont just sell great surf wax!