How to wax your surf board

How to wax your surf board

Hello and welcome to the waxing up tutorial presented by Bubble Gum Surf Wax.

First we want to wipe off any old wax and make sure the deck of the board is nice and clean. There are different temperatures of wax to know like tropical, warm, cool and cold. We will be using cold water wax because the water is about 58 degrees. Whenever you are going to start a new wax job, always start with base coat. Base coat should always be applied first to create a layer of bumps, which makes a nice foundation.

There's different techniques to start waxing like cross-hatching or a circle motion. I like to just start in a horizontal direction, then vertical. What I like to do is wax the from tail to about 10 inches up from your front foot with the layer of base coat. Now we can go ahead and grab the preferred temperature of wax, which here is the cold water and start the process. The cold water wax is a little bit more sticky and soft, so we want to make sure we don't push too hard at first while waxing. Be cautious of spreading out your wax, but once you start layering up the wax, then you can apply a little more pressure.

Looks like your board is looking good and ready for a good time. Have fun and shakamahalobrudda yee!

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