Private Custom Label Surf Wax

Private Custom Label Surf Wax

Bubble Gum Surf Wax provides a variety of custom private label surf wax. Let our design team create your companies specific custom label using your logo and our proprietary formula.

Custom surf wax is the ultimate marketing tool. We’ve worked with brands such as Billabong, Hurley, and Quicksilver in addition to retailers and events like O’Neill Sweetwater Pro-Am and Vans US Open of Surfing, among many others.

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Hi, my name is Jeanne, I am volunteer for Capitaine Singe Foundation. The Capitaine Singe Foundation is the not-for-profit organization that accompanies and supports sporting and artistic talent.
We would like to sale/give surf wax to supports our projects, could you please let me know how much it is ? what is the minimum order ?
Kind Regards


Hello, I am a surfboard company in Puerto Rico called Zambrana Surfboards. I am trying to make my own brand of wax. I have had the wax for my boards since 1983, but I want to create one for the waxes. Write me what the name is.

Ernesto Zambrana

Same comment as above. I want to private label your cold water wax. Your product works great for my product line. I am and want to market this product for a totally different non-surfing market. Can you help? Warm regards, Tom

Thomas Thompson

Hi guys, during the beginnings of lock-down in Oregon – I came up with a local surf wax company. “STUMPeez” surf wax was my brain-child – turned brain-fart!
I had local bees wax, coconut wax, tree resin – but couldn’t quite get the right format for bumps? I have a soap producer in Carlton doing my experimenting – but it just smears on? Don’t wanna use SOY – for environment sake. I have most amazing logo (front, back & sides) – I’m almost losing hope…
If I surrender using your COLD WATER WAX but my logo – this wouldn’t be a conflict of interest with your company, would it? Because I would sell it under my logo.
Let me know- it’s all the environment first .

Bernie Delgado

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