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JS Industries - Blak Box 2 - Round


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BLAK BOX 2 round tail has all the same legendary elements that make up the original Squash Tail as well as some added versatility through an alternative tail shape and 5 fin set-up. BB2 squash already exceeded peoples expectations in a wide range of conditions some times pushing people to surf it beyond its intended limits. For this reason we wanted to expand these limits. Round tails offer “all-round” performance in the pocket or tighter part of the wave. Set up as a quad you’ll get projection down steeper, faster waves, around a mushy close out section or extra hold in the tube with more speed and manoeuverability than you ever felt before

BB2 round tail has a slight entry rocker and a flat exit rocker which creates drive and speed in small to medium conditions.


BB2 comes stock as a five fin and will work equally well as a quad or thruster depending on the conditions.  Alternative setups are available with custom orders. 


BB2 boards 5'4" - 5'10" glassed standard with 4 x 2 oz. deck x 4 oz. bottom. Boards 5'11" and up glassed standard with 4 x 4 oz deck x 4 oz. bottom (All sizes come standard with Hybrid Fibre tail strips


BB2 has full rails, reducing catch and increasing speed in and out of choppy or soft sections.

BB2 round tail features a single concave through the nose running into a double concave starting forward of the fins. This design directs water under your feet to maintain lift, speed and maneuverability.

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