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FCS II Whip PG Longboard Fin


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• Excels in longer waves to draw out nice singe fin lines.

• Great in bumpier conditions; smaller tip area and extra flex gives longer hold without cavitation or slip outs.  

• ​Ideal for logs and traditional wide tailed single fins.

• TURN & CONNECT (Seamlessly connect turns and move up and down the board).

• 2 + 1 Compatible.

• Suits most LB’s with hard edges.

• Designed to be used in existing FCS Longboard boxes. No new box required.


Base: 6.98" / 177mm 
Depth: ​7.99" / ​203mm 
Area: ​30.03" / ​19371mm²
Sweep: 3​8.7º


Base: ​7.85" / 1​99mm 
Depth: ​8.99" / ​228mm 
Area: ​38.00" / ​24516mm²
Sweep: 3​8.7º

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