Ted Shreds Surf Wax Candle? Nice Try! July 07 2012

Why would you buy your surf wax candles from Ted Shreds? . . .  they don't even make surf wax!  I guess if you want just one scent and only a few choices and from a company who's folks that run it may not even surf, cool - go for it.  

But if you looking for a surf wax candle from a top manufacturer of actual surf wax - here they are!!  We decided to hit the ground running with 4 sizes and 5 scents.  All of our scents are related to the amazing experience of waxing your board while the sweet smell of surf wax wafts all around you.  From the classic Bubble Gum Surf Wax Candle to the the age old tropical scent of our Coconut Surf Wax Candle to the fruity Mango-Papaya and the flower made famous from the Lei makers in Hawaii . . .Tuberose!  We even added a vague reference to the islands with our mixed scent called Tropical Breeze.

Check em out!!

Surf Wax Candles