If I hear another word about FU Wax (surf wax from Brazil) Im gonna barf!  C'mon guys, you would think the guys that are touting this stuff would be smarter, I mean after all they (Kolohe Andino, Taj Burrow, Ect) are amazing surfers.  But do you think the wax they use is really making the difference rather than the boards they ride or even fins?  Not to mention the physical training and hours spent in the water.  If you think your gonna use FU and surf like them, good luck. Having said that, if its super sticky, soft wax you want - no problem!  We've had that formula on the shelf for years.  As a matter of fact, we make small batches of it for select pros all the time.  I just dont understand the hype behind FU, its soft sticky wax, over harder wax (or base coat) . . . . nothing special.  I wish it was more complicated than that, but its not. Its funny how a few random comments can start a fire.  Its all in your head!


The original soft sticky stuff . . . this is from the 80's . . . . the formula Fu ripped off!

 vs.  = It's on!

Its as simple as this, soft and sticky over a base or an established wax job is what its all about.  We (Bubble Gum Surf Wax) had the sticky, stringy formula down pat in the 80's.  Then somewhere along the way people wanted more sturdy wax, wax that they could bead up instead of smearing into a mess.  Now its back to the gooey sticky stuff . . . . ok, fine!  All along I would (and still do) tell people, use base coat or a harder wax under a softer wax.  SIMPLE!  So in order to thwart the FU wax onslaught (and the Banana wax too) from Brazil, we pulled out the old recipe book and came back with the sticky ooey gooey formula.  Bubble Gum Gu Wax is here!  . . . . and were not making it just for a few select anymore.

Gu Wax! is so tacky that starting 10/15 we will be selling it in a re-sealable zip lock baggie with the above label.

We reformulated our original recipe with an ingredient that is uneffected by a wide range of water temps.  Bubble Gum Gu Wax is designed to go over your existing matted wax job or a fresh coat of base.  That combo and a comb . . . . .nuts grip!!

Britton Galland / 2nd Generation Waxoligist - took it to Bali . . . . . . it worked.

First we took it to the NSSA opener - gave it out to the groms and got instant feedback - gimme more!!  I had to hide because I didnt have enough.  By the way - 3 division winners that day using it. - worked in cool water

Then we took it to our home break, passed it out - worked in warm water, and now whenever we pull up to surf were surrounded!

Little Britt took it to Bali - worked in tropical water.

Then we took off to NYC to the Long Beach CT and passed it out to some of the boys, again - success in warm/trop water.

Then we gave it to Rob Machado . . . . . . after his surf he tried to take our whole bag, and we gave it to him to take up to the CT at Lowers this week.  

Just got back from the HIC pro in Hawaii and then went straight over the Pacific to the Rip Curl Search event in SF, it worked in both warm and cold water!

Use it over your regular wax coat or base, give it a comb over, go shred!

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