Surfboard Wax Removal / Remover August 14 2011

There are many reasons to remove your old surf wax.  If your getting ready to travel to a destination that has warmer (or colder) water temps then you definitely want to start with a fresh coat when you get there.  Plus, when you check your boards the extreme temperature change under the plane can wreak havoc on any wax job.  You may also just want a fresh coat for your everyday use, we suggest changing your wax weekly for that. Whatever the reason, here are a few choices for safely removing your surf wax.

Option 1: THE MAGIC BUBBLE comes with 1 bubble, 1 wax comb/scraper, 1 bar Bubble Gum Base Coat, 1 wax storage container and 2 stickers.

The Magic Bubble is a clean dry wax remover option if you dont want to use liquid removers.  Its a good idea to use this one if you have exterior (on top of the glass) spray color for your board.


Just scrape as much wax as you can off your board with the included wax comb/scraper, then use The Magic Bubble with gentle pressure in the same motion you would wax your board.  Keep doing it until you reach the desired finish.  Watch our for shatter dings or sharp objects or you will pop your bubble!

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Option 2: Bubble Gum All Natural Citrus Adhesive and Surf Wax Remover.  Bubble Gum Citrus Remover comes in an 8oz bottle, 4oz bottle or a kit with a micro fiber towel, wax comb scraper and two stickers included.

Wax Remover

Just scraped off as much wax as you can with a soft edge scraper, spray on Bubble Gum Citrus Wax Remover, let stand for 20-30 seconds.  Wipe clean and dry with the Bubble Gum Micro Fiber towel.