Seem like a dumb question?  Not really, after all snowboards and skiis are waxed on the bottom for speed, while surfboards are waxed on top for grip. So don't wax the bottom of your surfboard!!!  Also . . . . you have to remember to wax with the proper temperature.  The colder the water the softer the wax, the warmer the water the harder the wax.  If you wax up with the wrong temp then you will either slip off your board (wax too hard) or it will melt off in the water (wax too soft).

Cold: 60°- Below / Cool: 58°- 68° / Warm: 64°- 74° / Tropical: 75°- Up 

Base Coat: All Temp (works great by itself in water 80°- Up)

If you surf often (10 times a month or more) then you will know what the water temp is doing, it moves around quite a bit so if you are surfing on a board for the first time in a while its best to scrape off the old wax and start with a fresh coat.  The steps below will outline waxing a fresh new board and/or a board with the old wax scraped off.

1. Start with a Base Coat, you don't have to but we recommend it.  It serves as an immovable foundation for the softer temps that will go on top.  You don't need a lot, just a light coat.

2. After you have applied a base coat take your bar of wax and break it in half, this creates a rough edge that is preferable for application.  If your not using base coat then apply a few strokes with the clean edge before using the rough edge.

3. At this point there are many different ways to apply your wax.  Circles, Long Strokes, Short Strokes, Criss Cross . . . . it doesn't really matter, its your preference.  But one thing to remember is that your trying to create small mounds of tacky wax for grip, you must use light pressure or you will smear your wax.  Also, if you move your wax too quickly across the surface of your surfboard, the wax will heat up and smear.  Be patient, use light pressure, and watch it build!

4. Now you are ready to surf!!  But if you want even more grip - use a wax comb!  Very simple, using slightly more pressure than when you waxed your surfboard, run the comb in a criss cross pattern over the deck of the waxed surface.  





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