ASP Copa Quiksilver El Salvador July 08 2011

So this is my rant on the ASP - which stands for "Association of Surfing Professionals"  Its 3:00 a.m. right now and Im in Hawaii - I got up to watch the event on webcast - its now 30 mins later and still no event.  This is not the first time this has happend either.  If your gonna include the word Professional in your name - then you should run your events that way.  Fact is - the ASP just doesn't really care about the lower than CT series.  They are allowed to run as "whatever" events.  

That little message at the bottom of the screen keeps changing.  Today at 7:00 am . . . . Today at 7:15 . . . . . Today at 7:30 - Get a grip!!!

The report from the beach where my team riders are waiting for their heat is that the contest director and some of the judges havnt shown up yet.  If I were running that show - someone loses their job.  If it were condition related then . . . . ok, but the web cast should be on and informing the viewers what the situation is, you will NEVER build interest, viewers operating this way.

What if you tuned in to watch your favorite sports team on TV and it just wasnt on?  

This is not a professional approach to a sport that needs professionalism badly!!  And it happens all the time.