New Parko Phase 4 Surfboard Fins available in FCS or Future July 04 2014

The all new JP5.0 in Phase4 construction by Kinetik Racing combines their most popular S-M template with a brand new construction to produce the worlds most elite performance fin. The key development is the re-designed foil making the new Parko, lighter with thinner curve adding considerable speed, twang and agility to an already renowned outline. KR enhanced the new foil using Phase 4 construction. Vertical carbon strands add control from base to tip along the leading edge, this technique allows the back half of the fin to twist for additional acceleration out of turns. KR has also increased the surface area of 3k carbon in the base offering added support and drive.


Available in two sizes - JP5.0 S/M and JP5.0 M/L



Add the KR Trailers and turn your new Parko set into Quads!