Kinetik Racing Trailers are Here! April 13 2014

Turn your favorite Thruster Set of fins into your new favorite Quad Set of fins with the Kinetik Racing Trailers.  They come in two sizes, Small-Medium (for surfers 120-165lbs) and Medium Large (for surfers 165-220lbs)


- Phase 4 construction using vertical carbon strands adding control from base to tip.
- Tailored 3k carbon base adding strength to base for drive and stability.
- Reduced internal core matt to create flex through the tip.
- Specifically designed flex pattern compatible with performance thruster front fins.
- 50/50 foil, suiting the widest range of conditions.

This template was used by Parko in Europe and Hawaii during his world title year of 2012 as well as Bali Pro, Fiji and Tahiti in 2013.