Think about it . . the emphasis on "you" is meant to point out that everyone waxes up differently.  There really is a preferred method that is unique to each surfer.  Of course here at Bubble Gum Surf Wax we would like to think wax is the most important part of your equipment.  How would that brand new board work without it? Put in a nice new set of expensive carbon fiber fins and without good grip - they would mean nothing.


So regardless of everyones individual desired end result, heres a few tips to help anyone get a better wax job for your surfboard.


Base Coat:  Use it!  Most dont think they need it or they don't want to take the time to use Base Coat,  Have you ever seen a board with a bald spot right were your front foot goes?  Using base coat is a simple idea - its a harder wax than the softer tacky temperature specific wax that goes on top of it - its harder to displace and the softer wax sticks to it so is also becomes hard to displace.  In colder climates you can use Tropical Wax or Warm Wax as a Base Coat.  


Application: Slow Down!  You want to know the worst time to start waxing your board? When you get to the beach and all your buddies are running out in the water and you don't have ANY wax on your board.  Also, applying a fresh coat of wax in the sun or when your surfboard is heated up from being in the car - the worst!  Take your time at home to apply your wax.  Start with a thin layer of Base Coat, don't put on too much, just when the beads are starting to form - thats all you need.  Then take your chosen temp for a top coat and apply using either long vertical/horizontal or circular strokes, that part is your choice.  But heres the key to long lasting beads of wax, don't apply too much pressure.  Think about it . . . . how are all those perfect little grippy beads of wax going to build up if you press down too hard with the wax against your board?  All thats going to do is lay down a smeared mess.  Just relax and let the wax build up to your desired texture.


Wax Comb: On your initial waxing you can finish with a comb or not - thats up to what you want from your wax job.  But having a comb with you at all times can save you from being That Guy in the parking lot "got any wax"  who knows what someone will hand you, it could be base coat.  A comb will liven up any old wax job and get you in the water with surprisingly good grip with no wax application.  Just dig the comb in and go diagonally rail to rail and then do the same from the other side crossing up your pattern.


Cleaning your surfboard for more a new wax job:  Seems simple, but sometimes its not.  Even after you scrape off all the old wax, sometimes there is an oily residue left on the deck of your surfboard.  This can be caused by a number of things, no big deal - its common.  But you need to remove it if you want your new wax to stick properly.  Use a wax remover rather than solvent from the hardware store.  Its safer for you and your surfboard.


Wax up!


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