Surfboard Travel Bags . . . Your choice made easier! March 09 2014

If you're planning a surf trip by plane or car then plan on protecting your surfboard!

A ding in your favorite board or worse, a crease or broken board will ruin your trip. The best way to avoid these terrible developments is by getting yourself a quality surfboard bag.  Consider the cost of a quality surfboard bag an investment . . . in the end, you'll be saving money.

Surfboard travel bags serve several functions. A good board cover will not only protect your surfboard from the above mentioned it also protects from the harmful effects caused by the sun.

But what to choose?  It can be confusing out there as countless manufactures have jumped into the category.  However, many of the choices out there are sub-standard at best.  Do yourself a favor and stick to the best, the top three manufactures of surfboard travel bags are: DaKine, Creatures of Leisure and Komunity Project.  If you stick to one of these three companies you simply cant'/wont go wrong.  They make every kind of bag your looking for.  They make single, double and triple surfboard travel bags for Short Boards, Retro / Fish Boards and Longboards.  They also make a quad for short-boards that feature wheels for easy transport between planes, cars and hotels.  They all offer reinforced foam padding, resistant outer layer, heat reflective tarpaulin, water resistant materials, and strong zippers and shoulder straps. Picking the proper size of your bag is important as well.  If you normally ride a 6'4" board - then you should choose a bag a few inches bigger in case you end up with a slightly bigger board(s) for your trip or in the future. Besides one of these three companies making the bag your looking for they all offer guarantees and warrantees on your investment.