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Futures Fins releases Rob Machado Fin June 06 2011

Rob Machado's fin features a torsional flex pattern

Surfersvillage Global Surf News
, 1 June, 2011 : - - After nearly 10 years of riding the Futures system, Rob Machado has signed off on his first ever signature fin.  The collaboration between Rob and Futures is the perfect blend of cutting edge hydrodynamics and environmental sustainability. Rob’s fin features a torsional flex pattern, thanks to Futures’ V2 foil and a layer of strategically placed carbon fiber. 

Combined with renewable, fast growing bamboo, the fin is both light and lively. Designed for Rob’s explosive style, the bamboo carbon matrix stores potential energy and releases it as a burst of kinetic speed. Rob had been riding the V2 AM1 BlackStix for years, he said, “I knew that was a good starting point for me in designing a fin. I just really liked the flex that the BlackStix had. I don’t know exactly what it does but it feels good. I am more of a feel kind of person, you know… sometimes it just feels good.”

“We have been lucky to work with Rob and we are proud of how this fin turned out,” says Head Designer and Founder Vince Longo. Rob’s fin is made of a high quality epoxy resin, instead of polyester.  Not only is epoxy resin stiffer, lighter and better performing, it is also more resilient and releases less VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).

The Rob Machado Signature Fin represents a step forward in decreasing the environmental impact of the resin transfer process, while remaining Strongest, Lightest, Fastest.   


Congrats Spyder on Oakley Shop Challenge Win June 05 2011


As head-high waves rolled through Newport Beach’s 56th street, a mix of surf shop employees and pros slugged it out in one of the closest Oakley Surf Shop Challenge events ever. By event’s end, it was the Zaun brothers of Spyder Surf who led their team to victory at this year’s Oakley Surf Shop Challenge Western regional event.

In the first round, the nine teams comprised of four surfers—two shop employees and two pros—wasted no time in making work of 56th street’s punchy beachbreak. At the front of the game stood Val Surf’s whammy surfer, Dillion Perrilo, who he received a 9.03 for a giant slob-grab.

“I saw the end section and thought I’d try an air-reverse, but then as I got closer I decided to play it safe,” said Perillo. Safe was understatement, and since Dillion was Val Surf’s “whammy surfer,” the judges doubled his score to give Val Surf a birth into the final.

As the 2010 Western regional champions, Jacks Surfboards stood in strong contention to repeat last year’s success after Clay Crandal posted a 5.93 for two backside turns. But moments before Clay’s wave, Spyder Surf’s whammy surfer Dane Zaun ripped into a mid-size left all the way to the beach to earn a 6.0 and give Sypder surf an early lead in the Finals.

Following Zaun’s rhythm was Spyder’s two shop employees, Dickie O’Reily and Chris Broman. After O’Reily posted a score of a 4.13, Broman used his smooth and effortless style to net a score of a 4.53 and force his competitors to lock in a good score. However, Katin Surf Shop’s Ryan Carlson did just that. After nearly pulling a backside air-reverse on his first wave, Carlson stuck with his strong aerial prowess and soared high into the summer air to earn an 8.17 and give Katin the advantage.

With the hopes of a Western regional title lying on the shoulders of Spyder’s youngest surfer, Kelly Zaun took to the water. After patiently waiting, Kelly used his powerful rail-to-rail surfing on one of the heats better rights and was rewarded with a solid 6.77. With this ride, Spyder now had the ball back in their court and could nearly taste the event’s win.

But as time dwindled down, Katin’s whammy surfer, Teddy Navarro, posted a 5.97 that put Katin back within reach of taking top-honors. In the dying moments of the heat, needing a score in the high-four range, Katin’s Drew executed a layback snap on an inside section that would fall just short, and give Spyder Surf Shop the Western regional title.

“I wasn’t going to go because there was a three-wave set, but luckily I went and was able to do one good turn and a layback on the end section,” said Spyder Surf’s Kelly Zaun. “We’ve been doing this contest for five years now and have never won, so to finally win is awesome.”