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Hurley Australian Open of Surfing Official Wax January 22 2014

When the best surfers in the world need wax . . . . .

 . . . . . They call Bubble Gum Surf Wax!

Watch the Australian Open of Surfing at Manley Beach, Sydney Australia, Feb 18 - 24, 2014

Parko wins on Kinetik Racing Fins June 29 2013

KERAMAS, Bali/Indonesia (Thursday, June 27, 2013) - Joel Parkinson (AUS), 32, has won the inaugural Oakley Pro Bali over Michel Bourez (PYF), 27, via an impressive come-from-behind effort in four-to-six foot (2 metre) waves at the iconic Balinese righthander of Keramas.

Parko Wins Bali Joel Parkinson Wins ASP

Stop No. 5 of 10 on the ASP World Championship Tour (WCT), the Oakley Pro Bali hosted a historic high-performance showdown including perfect heats and next level progression from the world’s best surfers, culminating with Parkinson’s hard-fought victory over Bourez in the Final.

Check em out - the fins Joel Parkinson rides are at the Bubble Gum Surf Wax on line store.  Free shipping and Free wax with purchase.

Joel Parkinson Kinetik Racing Fins, Parko, KR fins

Joel Parkinson Kinetik Racing Fins, Parko, KR fins

Custom Private Label Surf Wax, Surfboard Wax Private Custom Label

New Dusty Payne and Jack Freestone Signature Fins From Kinetik Racing April 26 2013

 There here!!  The new Kinetik Racing Signature Fins by Jack Freestone and Dusty Payne!  Check em out!!

Dusty Payne Kinetik Racing Surfboard Fins

Jack Freeston Kinetik Racing Surfboard Fins

Special Formula Valentine Surf Wax January 12 2013

Give your sweet heart surfer a special treat for Valentines Day - 

Holiday Gifts for the Surfer in your family November 23 2012

Buying gifts for surfing enthusiasts is made easy at the Bubble Gum On-line Store, we dont just sell great surf wax!

Stocking Stuffers for Surfers November 19 2012

Need some ideas to stuff your surfers christmas stocking? Start with these goodies from the Bubble Gum Surf Wax Store.

Shane Dorien Vertra Sunscreen Shane Dorien Vertra Sunscreen Stick

 Mick Fanning Vertra Sunscreen Stick

 Surfboard Fins by Kinetik Racing

 Sunglasses by Electric Bubble Gum Gu Wax Surfboard Wax 

 Bubble Gum Surf Wax Original Formula

  Bubble Gum Surf Wax Candle

Vertra Sunscreen, Dorain and Fanning Sticks are here!! July 15 2012

After a long anticipated wait for the new and improved Vertra Signature Model Sunscreen Sticks . . . . . .Ta da!!!!  

There Here at Bubble Gum Surf Wax!!

Shane Dorian Vertra Sunscreen SPF38 Kona Gold Tint Stick

Mick Fanning Vertra Sunscfeen SPF28 Clear Stick

Come and get it here for free shipping and free wax!

Bubble Gum Surf Wax Candle July 13 2012

We've made surf wax scented candles since the beginning.  But recently we decided to take on the market in with a significant upgrade to our scented surf wax candle offering.  Not only have we increase our scents, colors and sizes.  We have also enlisted an expert in the candle making industry by commissioning a private label candle program with Cayden Candles.  Its still our formulation, design and famous surf wax scents.  But there's more to pouring a candle in a glass container than you think!  We leave that part up to Cayden Candles and we handle the rest!  If your company could use a private label candle, we strongly recommend them.

Surf Wax Candles, Ted Shred

Ted Shreds Surf Wax Candle? Nice Try! July 07 2012

Why would you buy your surf wax candles from Ted Shreds? . . .  they don't even make surf wax!  I guess if you want just one scent and only a few choices and from a company who's folks that run it may not even surf, cool - go for it.  

But if you looking for a surf wax candle from a top manufacturer of actual surf wax - here they are!!  We decided to hit the ground running with 4 sizes and 5 scents.  All of our scents are related to the amazing experience of waxing your board while the sweet smell of surf wax wafts all around you.  From the classic Bubble Gum Surf Wax Candle to the the age old tropical scent of our Coconut Surf Wax Candle to the fruity Mango-Papaya and the flower made famous from the Lei makers in Hawaii . . .Tuberose!  We even added a vague reference to the islands with our mixed scent called Tropical Breeze.

Check em out!!

Surf Wax Candles

Get the Technician by Electric Visual at Bubble Gum Surf Wax July 06 2012

Technician, as the name implies, pays attention to detail. This simple and incognito wrap is able to manipulate the classic style without any need for improvement. 

Get Free Shipping and a Free T Shirt with any purchase of Electric Visual Sunglasses at Bubble Gum Surf Wax.

Electric Visual Sunglasses, Technician

Carver Bicycle Surfboard Racks July 01 2012

 "These are the absolute best surfboard bike racks available! Get these surfboard bike racks today if you are going surfing by bicycle. These bike racks are the strongest, highest quality racks available anywhere! When I ride my bike down to Sunset, Wiamea, or Pipe, I know I can carry my board on my bike with ease. It doesn't matter if I am carrying a shortboard, a longboard or a big wave gun, these are absolute best surf board bicycle racks you can get! Buy them from Bubble Gum Surf Wax and get free wax too" - Garrett Mcnamara

Side Mounted Bike Surfboard Racks

  • All Aluminun

  • Mounts on Seat Post

  • Fits Most Bikes

  • Wont Mar, Scratch or Harm your Bike

  • Short or Longboard

Electric Visual Sunglasses available at Bubble Gum Surf Wax with Free Shipping June 28 2012

ELECTRIC is a premium sunglass, snow goggle, and accessories company that has been rocking since 2000. ELECTRIC is defined by its iconic volt logo and has deep roots in action sports, music and fashion. Founded in San Clemente, CA in January 2000 by Kip Arnette, Bruce Beach, and Mike Carter. Building a brand that they could be proud of and having fun was their original mission. 

Surf legends Luke Egan, Matt Hoy, Dave Rastovich, and Ozzie Wright have been ELECTRIC since day one, as have snow legends Peter Line and Axel Pauporte. Snowboard X-Games Gold Medalist Andreas Wiig and freestyle skier Tanner Rainville lead the snow team. Skateboarder Bam Margera made ELECTRIC a household name on MTV and NASCAR superstar Kyle “Rowdy” Busch has been with Electric since he was “Rookie of the Year” in 2005.

Over the last decade ELECTRIC has produced some of the most unique and innovative designs in the sunglass market. ELECTRIC’s high voltage sunglass styles are team inspired and reflect the attitude and personalities of today’s youth culture.  And now you can get Electric Visual Sunglasses  with free shipping at Bubble Gum Surf Wax's Web Store.  

Check out all the new arrivals:


Charge XL

Captain Ahab, Mark Healy Signature Model Sunglass

D. Payne, Dusty Payne Signature Model Sunglass



Mick Fanning Wins Bells Over Kelly Slater April 06 2012

The two traded high-scoring blows in an epic final before Bells lost her pulse late to ensure Fanning, 30, held on to secure his first Rip Curl Pro title in 11 years.

He had crashed out early at the season-opening event on the Gold Coast, but was back to his ominous best this week as Bells turned on breathtaking surf. And he made the early pace in yesterday's final.

But Slater, the 40-year-old American, threw down the gauntlet, pulling off a perfect 10-point full-rotation aerial that he had no right to land.

"That was so hectic," Fanning said.

"I was freaking. I started off with a nine and then he throws a Hail Mary and gets a 10 and I'm thinking, 'Oh here we go, come on'."

But Fanning, a two-time world champion, responded with a 9.70 to reclaim the lead amid a series of strong counter-attacks from the world's greatest surfer.

Slater's second placing returned him to No.1 in the world.

"Even when he had the nine and eight-something, I had a feeling I was in it.

"I felt like something good was going to come my way and it started to. I had one more chance and that was about it.

"I knew it was going to be a bit of a struggle with the waves out there, with the long intervals and long lulls, but that's just the way it goes."

Check out Mick and Kelly's gear in the Bubble Gum Store!

Mick Fanning Traction Pad

Mick Fanning Vertra Sunscreen

Kelly Slater Bullseye Grip Traction Pad

Mick Fanning Vertra Sunscreen Stick March 23 2012

Vertra Elemental Resistance is proud to welcome World Champion Mick Fanning of Australia to their international roster of athletes. Mick highlights an already stacked team that includes a couple of his grommethood idols in Taylor Knox and Shane Dorian.

Mick says: “I used to use different sunscreens all the time but I find that having Vertra on is really good. I simply don’t get burnt with it.”

According to Vertra President Bobby Higa, “When Shane-O (Dorian) first opened up a dialogue with Mick, Mick told him that the bottom line for him promoting any product was that he truly had to believe in it. For Mick to say that he was stoked on our line was fulfilling in itself… but for him to actually come on board and put his name behind the Vertra brand is certainly a defining moment for our young company.”

 Vertra Mick Fanning Sunscreen


Andy Irons was an integral part of the KR company in its infancy, as not only a team member but personal friend of the company's founders and we wish to carry on the legend with honor and respect.

Before the tragic passing in late 2010 KR were working on a Ai-2 to accommodate the changes in AI's new boards and new found enthusiasm to be back as one of the worlds top surfing elites. After the shock of his death we were left unsure on how to respectively deal with such a sensitive and emotional situation. Collaborating with AI's long time sponsors BILLABONG we have joined a program to help support his young family and remember the Legend.

We have continued his legacy with the release of his AI forever kinetic racing fin design

Love and respect, RIP AI.


Kinetik Racing Fins December 03 2011

Bubble Gum Surf Wax is proud to announce the on-line offering of Kenetik Racing Fins.  KR Fins come out of Australia and boasts a strong team of International super stars: Joel Parkinson, Luke Egan, Bruce Irons, Mark Occhilupo and Jack Freestone.  Also in the line is the AI Forever fin designed for the late great Andy Irons. Buy 'em online in the Bubble Gum Store and get free shipping and free wax!

Kinetik Racing Fins

The Surfer Gift November 26 2011

Wondering what surfing gift to give?  You cant go wrong with these:

  Bubble Gum Gu Wax Top Coat 10 pack $10.00

 Bubble Gum Surf Wax Original Formula 10 pack $15.00

 Surf Leashes by Creatures of Leisure Priced from $18.00

Traction Pads by Creatures of Leisure Priced from $32.00

 Surf wax scented coconut shell candle $3.50

Surf Gift, Surfer Gift, Surfing Gift, Gift for Surfer, Gifts for Surfers

Surf Wax Candle September 27 2011

Get the sweet smell of Bubble Gum Surf Wax in your house/room with the Surf Wax Candle.  Comes in Coconut scented too!

Get it here 

Bobby Martinez hates the ASP . . and Tennis! September 26 2011


Hahahaha - Sorry Bobby . . . . . . but you gotta appreciate good photoshop, I hope its photoshop!

FU Wax Brazil? Nice Try! September 15 2011

 If I hear another word about FU Wax (surf wax from Brazil) Im gonna barf!  C'mon guys, you would think the guys that are touting this stuff would be smarter, I mean after all they (Kolohe Andino, Taj Burrow, Ect) are amazing surfers.  But do you think the wax they use is really making the difference rather than the boards they ride or even fins?  Not to mention the physical training and hours spent in the water.  If you think your gonna use FU and surf like them, good luck. Having said that, if its super sticky, soft wax you want - no problem!  We've had that formula on the shelf for years.  As a matter of fact, we make small batches of it for select pros all the time.  I just dont understand the hype behind FU, its soft sticky wax, over harder wax (or base coat) . . . . nothing special.  I wish it was more complicated than that, but its not. Its funny how a few random comments can start a fire.  Its all in your head!


The original soft sticky stuff . . . this is from the 80's . . . . the formula Fu ripped off!

 vs.  = It's on!

Its as simple as this, soft and sticky over a base or an established wax job is what its all about.  We (Bubble Gum Surf Wax) had the sticky, stringy formula down pat in the 80's.  Then somewhere along the way people wanted more sturdy wax, wax that they could bead up instead of smearing into a mess.  Now its back to the gooey sticky stuff . . . . ok, fine!  All along I would (and still do) tell people, use base coat or a harder wax under a softer wax.  SIMPLE!  So in order to thwart the FU wax onslaught (and the Banana wax too) from Brazil, we pulled out the old recipe book and came back with the sticky ooey gooey formula.  Bubble Gum Gu Wax is here!  . . . . and were not making it just for a few select anymore.

Gu Wax! is so tacky that starting 10/15 we will be selling it in a re-sealable zip lock baggie with the above label.

We reformulated our original recipe with an ingredient that is uneffected by a wide range of water temps.  Bubble Gum Gu Wax is designed to go over your existing matted wax job or a fresh coat of base.  That combo and a comb . . . . .nuts grip!!

Britton Galland / 2nd Generation Waxoligist - took it to Bali . . . . . . it worked.

First we took it to the NSSA opener - gave it out to the groms and got instant feedback - gimme more!!  I had to hide because I didnt have enough.  By the way - 3 division winners that day using it. - worked in cool water

Then we took it to our home break, passed it out - worked in warm water, and now whenever we pull up to surf were surrounded!

Little Britt took it to Bali - worked in tropical water.

Then we took off to NYC to the Long Beach CT and passed it out to some of the boys, again - success in warm/trop water.

Then we gave it to Rob Machado . . . . . . after his surf he tried to take our whole bag, and we gave it to him to take up to the CT at Lowers this week.  

Just got back from the HIC pro in Hawaii and then went straight over the Pacific to the Rip Curl Search event in SF, it worked in both warm and cold water!

Use it over your regular wax coat or base, give it a comb over, go shred!

Get it here

Surfboard Wax Removal / Remover August 14 2011

There are many reasons to remove your old surf wax.  If your getting ready to travel to a destination that has warmer (or colder) water temps then you definitely want to start with a fresh coat when you get there.  Plus, when you check your boards the extreme temperature change under the plane can wreak havoc on any wax job.  You may also just want a fresh coat for your everyday use, we suggest changing your wax weekly for that. Whatever the reason, here are a few choices for safely removing your surf wax.

Option 1: THE MAGIC BUBBLE comes with 1 bubble, 1 wax comb/scraper, 1 bar Bubble Gum Base Coat, 1 wax storage container and 2 stickers.

The Magic Bubble is a clean dry wax remover option if you dont want to use liquid removers.  Its a good idea to use this one if you have exterior (on top of the glass) spray color for your board.


Just scrape as much wax as you can off your board with the included wax comb/scraper, then use The Magic Bubble with gentle pressure in the same motion you would wax your board.  Keep doing it until you reach the desired finish.  Watch our for shatter dings or sharp objects or you will pop your bubble!

*     *     *     *     *

Option 2: Bubble Gum All Natural Citrus Adhesive and Surf Wax Remover.  Bubble Gum Citrus Remover comes in an 8oz bottle, 4oz bottle or a kit with a micro fiber towel, wax comb scraper and two stickers included.

Wax Remover

Just scraped off as much wax as you can with a soft edge scraper, spray on Bubble Gum Citrus Wax Remover, let stand for 20-30 seconds.  Wipe clean and dry with the Bubble Gum Micro Fiber towel.

How To Wax A Surfboard August 08 2011

Seem like a dumb question?  Not really, after all snowboards and skiis are waxed on the bottom for speed, while surfboards are waxed on top for grip. So dont wax the bottom of your surfboard!!!  Also . . . . you have to remember to wax with the proper temperature.  The colder the water the softer the wax, the warmer the water the harder the wax.  If you wax up with the wrong temp then you will either slip off your board (wax too hard) or it will melt off in the water (wax too soft).

Cold: 60°- Below / Cool: 58°- 68° / Warm: 64°- 74° / Tropical: 75°- Up 

Base Coat: All Temp (works great by itself in water 80°- Up

If you surf often (10 times a month or more) then you will know what the water temp is doing, it moves around quite a bit so if you are surfing on a board for the first time in a while its best to scrape off the old wax and start with a fresh coat.  The steps below will outline waxing a fresh new board and/or a board with the old wax scraped off.

1. Start with a Base Coat, you dont have to but we recommend it.  It serves as an immovable foundation for the softer temps that will go on top.  You dont need a lot, just a light coat.

2. After you have applied a base coat take your bar of wax and break it in half, this creates a rough edge that is preferable for application.  If your not using base coat then apply a few strokes with the clean edge before using the rough edge.

3. At this point there are many different ways to apply your wax.  Circles, Long Strokes, Short Strokes, Criss Cross . . . . it doesn't really matter, its your preference.  But one thing to remember is that your trying to create small mounds of tacky wax for grip, you must use light pressure or you will smear your wax.  Also, if you move your wax too quickly across the surface of your surfboard, the wax will heat up and smear.  Be patient, use light pressure, and watch it build!

4. Now you are ready to surf!!  But if you want even more grip - use a wax comb!  Very simple, using slightly more pressure than when you waxed your surfboard, run the comb in a criss cross pattern over the deck of the waxed surface.  

Airline Surfboard Boardbag Fees July 26 2011

If your planning a surf trip take into consideration the below chart - spending a little more on the ticket could mean free bags could save you money!!  

Aer Lingus


Free for flights between Ireland and North America. There's also no charge for passengers traveling in Business class. Surfboards are subject to a fee of €30 ($40) payable online prior to departure or a fee of €40 ($55) payable at the airport. Boards can't be larger than 110 in.
Aero Mexico


One-way per board, maximum length 9ft - packed. Sorry guys, you can't include this as your free carry-on.
Air Canada


Space available basis. Pre-registered when booking. Each board counts as one piece of checked baggage. Max linear dimensions (length + width + height): 109 in. Max length: 80 in. No paddleboards.
Air Emirates


Included in your checked baggage. Remove fins and wrap tail and nose in bubble wrap.
Air France


If it's less than 200 cm, it's treated as normal baggage, but costs $55. Beyond the allowance (up to a max of 70 lb per item and 115"), it's $200. And €200 (273 USD) for longboards.
Air New Zealand


In addition to checked baggage allowance, one sporting item can be carried as a checked in piece of luggage at 50% of extra bag cost for all international flights. This translates to NZ$7.50 when flying out of NZ and US$25 when flying out of USA.
Air Pacific


Each way per surfboard bag. Variable Excess Baggage Charge + $50 "Bulky Item" charge. Must be less than 50 lbs & 115 in.
Air Tahiti Nui


Must be under 50 lbs. One board, one bag. Each additional board is $150 each.


The board can be included as a standard checked bag, but checked baggage fees apply (starting at $20). Max length is 9 feet, max weight is 50 lbs.
American Airlines


One-way. One board per person. Max weight and size: 70 lbs, 126 inches.
Bahamas Air


Must be less than 6 ft. One-way per board. Remove your fins.
British Airways


As part of your checked baggage. Otherwise it's $60. Boards must be smaller than 75ins x 29.5ins x 25.5 ins.
Cathay Pacific


Per board. If traveling with a few boards, it's best to keep 'em in one bag because there's a triple charge for additional bags. The good news: no size restrictions.
China Air


First board is a 50% charge, second board 100% charge depending on destination. Per board, not bag. Must be under 109". Going from US to Indo would be $109 if you already have two bags.


North America, national: $100 each way per surfboard, South America: $200 each way per surfboard. From North America to another continent: $200. Fee is per bag. Due to merging airlines, print proof with you before you fly. Price ranges depending on destination. Two board max per case. Max of 50 lbs. & 109 in.


One-way per board. Limit 2 boards per passenger. Only $50 to São Paulo and San Jose. Must be under 115 ins and 70 lbs. Remove fins. Can't be more than 115 inches or 70 lbs.


One-way per board. If it's over 70 lbs, you have to pay extra. The $200 fee is only for the first board; additional fees apply for additional boards. To/from Brazil is $100, and Hawaii inter-island is $20.
Hawaiian Air


One-way. Allowed two boards per bag. Max height 11ft, max weight 50 lbs. Price drops to $35 between islands. Goes up to $200 for travel to most Asian countries.


One way. One board per passenger. Max size: 8'2". MUST make request 24 hours before flight via phone. Keep in mind: "Various charges, taxes or duties may be applied, in accordance with the legislation of each country."
Interjet (Mexico)


Max weight is 55 lbs per passenger. Any excess baggage will have a fee of $50.00 pesos plus TAX for each additional pound.
Japan Airlines


A charge equivalent to 50% of the excess baggage charge for one board. 100% for two boards. Three times the charge if it's over 80 inches. Price also varies depending on destination.
Jet Blue*


One-way. One board per bag. *No surfboards allowed on flights to Santo Domingo or Santiago. Can't be over 100 lbs.
Korean Air


If you bring as one of your two checked bags, it's $55. If you already have two checked bags, it'll cost you $110. Must be 70lbs and/or 109 total linear inches (L+W+H), which would be about a 7'2".


Cannot exceed 300 linear inches or 50 lbs.
800 645-3880


Must be less than 70 lbs and/or 6'7". Within Europe: $100, Europe to intercontinental: $200. If it's over 6'7" (2 m), the fees are doubled. You need to register sports baggage 24 hours before the flight.


Can be included as your checked bag if it meets the size requirements. Price varies with destination. Bags are 50% of normal excess baggage charge. Max size of 98" (about 8 feet).


Free as part of your two bag limit. Must be in a bag and may not exceed 66lbs and 109ins. Can only be carried to/from/within South West Pacific; on other routes, they're excluded from checked baggage and will be charged based on weight. Oversize fees vary.


As part of your two bag limit. After two boards it's $109 each way going from US to Singapore (other destinations may vary). Max size of 62 linear inches.
South African Airlines


As part of your two bag limit, not exceeding 200 cm or 40 lbs.


Domestic/International. One-way per bag (2 boards per bag). Fins must be removed.
SriLankan Airlines


You can bring one surfboard for free. Any excess weight will be assessed at the normal excess baggage rate.


One-way. Up to 3 surfboards in one bag per passenger. Up to 70lb and 12 feet in length. Fins must be removed. Prices vary based on takeoff location/destination. From Brazil it's $50.
TAP Portugal


Each way per surfboard bag up to 10 kgs. Domestic, Europe, Morocco & Algeria is USD 50. Intercontinental are $100-$140.


Max 109". It is recommended to call and get specifications directly.


North America, national: $100 each way per surfboard, South America: $200 each way per surfboard. From North America to another continent: $200. Fee is per board. Price ranges depending on destination. Two board max per case. Max of 50 lbs. & 109 in.


Subject to additional charges.


One-way per board. Remove your fins.
Virgin Atlantic


Free, limit one per customer. Must not exceed 109 inches and must not exceed 50 lbs in weight.

Britt Galland . . . . Bali July 16 2011

Little B - testing out the tropical formula in Bali at night . . . . . . this is who makes your wax folks!!